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Envision Kindness

I believe in the power of imaginative, creative minds to spark new ideas and accelerate progress. Please send your vision of a world where all people everywhere are kind to animals. Either write a description of this world or write a story that takes place in this world.  For example, if you were writing this in the days when horses and horse-drawn carriages were the primary mode of transportation and the mistreatment of horses was prevalent, you might have envisioned a day when some type of machine (trains, cars, airplanes) could be used instead of horses.  As you sit here today thinking about our future, what additional alternatives to the use of animals will be common?  What new inventions, activities and ways of thinking will exist in a world where all people everywhere are kind to animals?  Be creative!  Have fun with it! You may also send your visions to Gretchen@ChooseKindness.com.


Bob Schwalb
Age: 40
Location: Chicago, IL - US

Vision: I envision a world where all children are encouraged to act with kindness and compassion, which I believe is their true nature.  Their kindness and compassion will not only be extended to those they are familiar with (i.e., family and friends), but to all people the world over; not just to their family pets, but toward all animals, everywhere.

Children will learn the consequences of their actions.  They will consider how their consumer choices affect humans, animals, and the environment worldwide.  They will be aware of the hidden suffering inherent in so many of the products on the market today.  They will learn to choose products that do more good and less harm.

Children will learn to revere, respect, and take responsibility for the natural environment.  Instead of taking part in and supporting destructive practices, they will take part in and support restorative ones.

As these children grow to adulthood, they will naturally teach these things to their children.  In doing so, the world will be more peaceful, healthful, and beautiful.

In our children we find the promise of all that is possible.



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