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Celebrate Kindness

Resources for festive celebrations without animal products.


For example:

  • Thanksgiving hosts may want to find menu suggestions for a vegetarian/vegan feast.
  • Parents may want to find gift ideas that will encourage their children to be kind to animals.
  • Vegetarians/vegans may want to find gift ideas that will encourage others to try vegetarian/vegan items (e.g., a vegetarian/vegan cookbook might be a good bridal shower gift).

Vegetarian/Vegan Holiday Recipes

Gift Ideas
Tickets to a non-animal circus
Non-leather wallet, purse or briefcase
Vegan chocolates
Cosmetics or personal care products that are not tested on animals
Children’s book or video with a humane message
Music or games with a humane message
Gift certificate to a vegetarian/vegan restaurant
Donation to a humane charity
Vegetarian/Vegan cookbook



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