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Promote Kindness 


Fun items to promote alternatives to the use of animals.



Card to send to friends, family, teachers and others.  (Click on cards below for a larger view.)

Out of Stock – Send an e-mail to Gretchen@ChooseKindness.com to inquire about special orders.

Any Occasion Version

Holiday Version

  • Would you like to send this postcard to friends, family members, teachers or others?

  • Consider inserting the postcard into an envelope and enclosing your favorite vegetarian/vegan recipe or one of the resource lists that can be accessed on other pages of this website.  For example, each year you could select a different recipe or resource list to include with the holiday card you send to friends and family.  Here are some ideas on resource lists you might want to enclose:


    - Consumer product companies that don't test on animals

    - Circuses without animals

    - Companies that sell non-leather shoes

    - Health charities that do not fund   experiments on animals

    - Humane education resources








Each postcard includes six whimsical drawings depicting alternatives to the use of animals in clothing, entertainment, product testing, research, education and food. The back of the Any Occasion postcard is blank.  The back of the Holiday postcard is mostly blank but contains the following message in small letters at the bottom of the card: There are simple ways we can bring more kindness into the world.

The postcard is 4 1/4 ” x 5 1/2 ” and fits into a standard A2 envelope (4 3/8” x 5 3/4 ”). Note that if you plan to include enclosures, you may need a larger envelope. A2 and other envelopes are not available through this website but may be purchased at most office supply stores and copy centers.